Introducing Instant Notifications - TechMania-Hosts can now send you free* alerts you the instant your website becomes unavailable or if response time crosses pre-defined threshold levels. You can also configure TechMania-Hosts to check for content change or report as in trouble when response time goes above acceptable level. This allows you to be in control of your website performance and ensure a good experience for your end-users.

Get instant alerts via Twitter whenever your website goes down. Once you configure your Twitter ID, TechMania-Hosts will send you tweet when your website goes down or comes back up. You can also configure it to receive alerts as Direct Messages or DMs via Twitter. - To enable Twitter alerts, go to your client area click "My Details" at the bottom you will notice "Receive Twitter Notifications?" simply enter your Twitter handle, this is your username (don't include the @ sign) you must also be following @TMHAlerts on Twitter.

TechMania-Hosts alerts via email the instant your website goes "down" or when it comes back "up". A typical email notification includes the name of the website, monitoring interval, downtime details, reason for downtime, response time chart, uptime/downtime chart and the appropriate error message. To enable this service please open a support ticket.

* Twitter alerts are free and always will be, for email alerts you will need to signup for a subscription contact sales for more details, plans and pricing.

We hope that this will benefit all customers!

Kind Regards,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

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