What are your nameservers?

The following are Techmania-host's name servers,

  1. dns.tmhnetwork.com
  2. dns2.tmhnetwork.com
    as of 6th Aug 2012 please do not use any of the following; ns1.techmania-hosts.com,  ns2.techmania-hosts.com,  ns3.techmania-hosts.com, ns01.liveboxserver.com or ns02.liveboxserver.com. If your domain is with us and you was using any of theses name servers no action is required on your behalf they will automatically update.

It can take 48 hours for name servers to be updated across the internet. Your website might be unavailable during this time. You can use any name servers you like, but we can't guarantee the availability of third party name servers, To use our name servers, just enter dns.tmhnetwork.com and dns2.tmhnetwork.com.

You'll need these if you are adding an addon domain or you already own a domain and you want to be hosted with us.

article updated: 10th August, 2012.

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